IT'S TIME TO GET More quality leads with 5 MINUTE LIVEs!

Are Those Zillow Leads Turning Into Just A Shot In the Dark?
Are Your Social Media Posts Getting You Crickets?
Are You Tired Of Hounding Your Friends And Family To Share Your Business Cards With Everyone They Meet?
Are Those BNI Meetings Getting Really Old, FAST?
It's Time for You To Learn About The BEST Kept Secret In Marketing...
 That's Being Significantly Underused!
Whether you have NEVER used Live video before
Or you do go LIVE, but get ZERO leads...
I've got you covered!

Here's Why You NEED To Be Doing 5 Minute Lives™
(Pssst: That's The Secret!)
After speaking in front of over 1,000 Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals at Vaynermedia's Agent2021, I learned just how many of them wanted more leads for themselves and their clients, but didn't realize
how simply 
they could get them by 
doing Live videos the right way...
With JUST 5 Minutes Per Day!
Even some extremely profitable mortgage and real estate professionals don't realize: 
  • How to overcome the FEAR of using Live video with content topics they can talk about and easily connect with their audience.  
  • ​How to organize their content into years' just a few minutes!
  •  How to re-purpose their Live videos onto multiple platforms for increased visibility
  •  How to turn those videos into multiple streams of income - your knowledge is valuable!
  •  The importance of a strong call to action and how that builds an email list for more sales!
  •   How long to go Live for maximum impact
  • How to optimize their content and stand out on Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn
Stop The Confusion And Learn How To Boost Your Sales With This 7-Step System:

1. Locate your content
2. Create your message
3. Structure your 5-Minute Live
4. Follow-up with your audience
5. Download, edit, and upload to multiple platforms
6. Rinse and repeat for ebooks, courses, and info products you can sell!
7. Email your list and blog with others or host virtual summits!
You'll Learn How To Do All Of That
With A One-Time Payment
of  $497
**Here's What's Included:**
Lifetime Access To The 7-System Portal With Training Videos

Learn how to prepare for your Live video, content ideas for various niches, and the power of collaborating with other industry experts so you don't feel uncomfortable being on Live video alone! 

$997 VALUE!
Full, EASY Walk-through of Content Creation That Matters To Your Ideal Clients

Learn how to create 30 days' worth of content in 20 minutes or less every month WHILE knowing exactly where your content will make the most impact!
$497 VALUE!
Tools, Resources, And Templates For Turning Your Lives Into Loot And Your Comments Into Cash

Get Access To Funnel Templates And Landing Pages To Help You Build Your Email List Into A Profiting Machine

$997 VALUE!
Access To The Secret FB Group, Where You Can Ask Your Questions And Practice Your Live Videos!
$997 Value
Content Calendar ALREADY Completed For YOU! 
$500 Value
Access To The Vault!
Over $2,000 Worth of Expert Videos, Giving You The BEST Tips On How To Create Content, Run a Profitable FB Group, Create Viral Videos, Use Instagram, and MORE!  
Over $2,000 Value!
⬇️ It's ALL Inside!  ⬇️
Here's What Just A Few Of My Clients Have To Say...

Carlos Ramos

"Trish's way of teaching how to use Live video is just incredible.  Since working with Trish,  I have become the go-to expert in the Tampa Bay area among my peers and just had my best month of business in over 17 years! "

Amanda Simmers

"Trish has given me so much clarity about my business and how to repurpose my FB Lives. I had my best month of business in the FIRST and subsequent months since working with Trish!"

Daniel Rhames

"I had no idea how much I was missing and or doing wrong when it came to promoting my business. We have been able to implement a few of  Trish's teachings [since yesterday] and we have seen positive results! You are a genius marketer, intuitive instructor and life saver.... business saver, you know what I mean. We are looking forward to working with you in the future!"

Chris Coddington

"I just wanted to thank you for the content calendar you put out. It has changed the game for me when it comes to having a space to get my ideas put together, know what to talk about each day, and to keep track of what I have posted. Your content calendar has changed the way I view content creation and distribution. I went from overwhelmed to organized. Thanks Trish."

Diego Lucero

"I landed my first $1,500 client  using Trish's Live video methods!"

Tamara Collins

"I have been watching and following Trish Leto for the last year and each day she provides epic content, expert interviews with those leading their fields, and her dynamic personality keeps the content fresh and engaging. She is in my see first list and I make sure I get notifications every time she posts. Her E-Book about how to monetizing my Facebook changed my business and I got 4 new clients just from her suggestions! Can't say enough about Trish!"

Kendra Ellis

"Trish helped me gain more confidence with Facebook Lives and helped me develop a structure for my house-flipping content. Now when I go Live, I get clients for listings!"

Kyle Klemmer

"Trish Leto really is the Unicorn Breeder. She helped me and my business partner go from a start-up to an 8-figure business in 6 months!"

Grace Neiman

"Trish's training gave me the confidence I needed to do more Lives for my real estate business. I'm one of the only agents in my area who does Facebook Lives and now I'm packing in open houses!"
After 18 years of being a mortgage professional myself, selling hundreds of courses and info products and helping dozens of service-based industry professionals get more quality leads, it's about time I gave you access to the exact information I'm asked to speak about!
You Can Access The 
5 Minute Lives Course for 
Mortgage And Real Estate Professionals 
with Over $4,000 Worth of Training 
For ONLY  $497! 
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